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About Chart :
While analyzing a business requirement, often the necessity is to zero out on few charts which would be best in the case. Evaluating all the charts repeatedly every time is tedious, so we prepared an index, illustrated by a concentric comparison chart, nicknamed chart wheel.

About Data :
Data used in this Visusalization is dummy for the scenario. Overall rating given to each charting tool doesnot have any actual significance. However rating at individual attribute level is based on our understanding and useage of the tool.

Tools Used :
1. D3Js - for creating visualisation I have used d3js libarary

Plugins Used :
1. D3Js Superformula - for shape changeing
2. Jquery Slideout - for showing cotextual help for chart
3. Jquery Menu - for selecting the shape and theme for chart

Best View : Chrome & Firefox Created by : Anil Omanwar